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Young people should just blame themselves

Faced with high unemployement rates, precarious positions and low salaries, young people have been looking for someone to blame, claiming their right to have a job. And they are not asking for any kind of job, but for a permanent, well paid position, which should also take into consideration their need for family life and leisure.

The argument may sound to someone like ‘well, our parents had it all so why shouldn’t we?’. The younger generation, which should be driving change in society, appears to be the most conservative. Analysts and policy-makers have stressed the need to adapt to a new economic and social environment, which requires different policy-mix but also a different attitude from younger people.

Ultimately, it is up to the single person to build up his/her skills’ portfolio. Skills are key in today labour market. If governments can help creating the best conditions for developing those competences, such as good education systems, they cannot replace the willingness of young people to have ambitions and build their career step by step.

Against a difficult economic environment, is there a need to reframe the right to a job? Aren’t we witnessing a unfruitful blame game from young people?


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This is a very one-sided opinion. The young inherit a defunfunt and underfunded educational system from their elders. They also inherit unsustainable economies and economic crisis after crisis. They inherit a tired and unmovable society and rotten values. So everyone below the age of 40 needs to rise up and fight the over 40s who have pillaged the natural resources of the planet, filled it to the brim with inhabitable seas, polluted airways and a left the them with massive long term debate which was used to finance irresponsible lifestyles.

In this climate, of course new skills can be learnt. But they are meaningless if the current guard protect and maintain the status quo. This is the role of government. Sadly, it is government that is lacking in the equation. They are not able to fight off vested commercial interests that prefer to burn everything around them rather than act as guardians of the common good. Pension schemes must be abolished and greater focus placed on liberating markets from dominate companies to allow innovation to flow. This requires a breed of angry, radical and idealistic young people prepared to stick their necks out. They are out there somewhere. They can learn and grow. But the old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks means that the current generation in charge will not be able to comprehend the scale of the challenge that the young face. We are in for some hard times and tough battles. But they are important times.

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