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Call for papers: Future of Europe

What do you think is Europe’s role in the world today? Is it an economic power, a peace-maker or a moral leader? Will this role change or should it change? How are the changes around us affecting Europe? And what will be the implications for the younger generation of Europeans?

Have your voice heard:

The Ideas Factory is putting together a publication on the future of Europe in the changing world, consisting of a series of articles, written by members of Ideas Factory. The publication will reflect on the thoughts, fears and hopes of the younger generation of Europeans.

The Ideas Factory team will select between 10-15 papers, which will be published as part of an Ideas Factory publication. The publication will be published at the Annual Conference of 2012, and distributed widely to policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders in Europe.


Please write on one of the following topics:

  • The impacts of the Arab Spring on Europe
  • Rise of sleeping giants
  • The future of Transatlantic relations
  • The way forward with EU enlargement
  • Europe in the world in 2035

Format: 1-2 pages (800-1500 words)

Send your paper to:

Deadline: 15 October 2012

 Should you have any questions,

please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Pondering what to write…

you can use the questions below as guidance!

1)      The impacts of the Arab Spring on Europe

·         Could political change in the region of Northern Africa and Middle East translate into a new Euro-Mediterranean cooperation? What could it look like?

·         What can the EU and its young generation gain from opening up to those countries and what are the challenges ahead?

·         Has the Arab Spring set a precedent for youth mobilisation in Europe?

2)     Rise of sleeping giants

·         How is the emergence of new global powers such as China and India changing Europe?

·         What are the threats and possibilities for us? For example, what could be the impacts on European values? Employment in Europe? Europe’s competitiveness? Climate change?

3)     The future of Transatlantic relations

  • What kind of a relationship do the U.S. and Europe have and how will it evolve?
  • What are the similarities and differences that will impact the relations in the future?
  • Will Europe and the U.S. become closer or more diverged on issues related to conflicts, peace-keeping, natural resources and climate change?

4)    The way forward with EU enlargement

  • Does the EU have limits?
  • What are the challenges and possibilities with enlargement?
  • What does the future of EU enlargement look like?

5)     Europe in the world in 2035

·         What will the world look like in 2035 and what role will the EU play in the global arena?

·         Imagine you are a Chinese graduate in 2035, what do you know about the EU and what role does it play in the world?



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