Equality at work - between generations and genders

Young thinkers participated in an Ideas Factory debate about equality at work - between generations and genders on Wednesday 14th December. In order to meet the challenges and enjoy the benefits related to Europe’s ageing demographic trend requires increasing the participation rate of both women and older people in the labour markets. Some of the issues discussed at the meeting included: Could more be done to promote gender equality and to increase participation of older people in the labour market? Are there big differences between EU Member States in promoting equality? What is the role for employers and us as employees in promoting employment of women and older workers?

The meaning of European solidarity - where are we heading?

Young thinkers participated in an Ideas Factory debate on The meaning of European solidarity - where are we heading? on Monday, 11 July. The concept of European solidarity has been called in to question recently. The events of the Arab spring have given a new focus to freedom of movement and migration concepts, creating tensions both between member states and at the EU level.  Questions surrounding the Eurozone and aid packages to Greece have highlighted political and economic aspects of the European project, adding an urgency to reassess the prospects of the Euro. The discussion featured a keynote speech from John Wyles, columnist for the European Voice; Managing Partner of ECO-European Communications; former Financial Times journalist and former EPC chief strategy coordinator.

Ideas Factory Annual Seminar

Annual seminarAnnual seminar 2010                           

This year’s Ideas Factory Annual Seminar focused on ‘Saving a generation: Is the fight against youth unemployment on the right track?’. The discussion was held in the Résidence Palace Salon on Monday 10 January from 17.45 to 20.00 and was followed by a reception. Moderated by Meabh McMahon from the EU Observer, the discussion featured contributions from Giuseppe Porcaro, Secretary General, European Youth Forum and Jonathan Hill, Member of Commissioner Vassiliou’s cabinet, European Commission.

Speakers were asked to concentrate on questions such as:

•    How does the ageing society affect youth employment?
•    In an era of austere national budgets, how should our governments tackle this rising problem?
•    What are the key challenges in fighting youth unemployment?
•    How can we save this generation from becoming inactive and discouraged members of our society? What is the role for the EU, national governments, employers and me in this fight?

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