About Ideas Factory

The Ideas Factory is a dynamic network for young professionals based in Brussels. We believe that the voice of the young generation needs to be listened to and taken into consideration if we want to build a Europe for and with young people.

The Ideas Factory provides a forum for bright young professionals to come together face-to-face and online to discuss pan-European dilemmas that affect the young generation. It provides a channel for young people, who want to enrich the European debate, to publish their articles and thoughts, and to get feedback on their ideas.

Be it climate and energy targets, ageing societies, changing work and life balance, shifting values, possibilities of the e-world or immigration - we want to discover and debate how differently the younger generation perceives these challenges and opportunities.

The Ideas Factory is an initiative supported by the European Policy Centre (EPC) and the backbone of the network is made of active, both young and wannabe-young, EPC Policy analysts.

Every year, the Ideas Factory team organises 2-3 workshops as well as an Annual Seminar to allow its members to debate and share their thoughts with experts and policy-makers.

We continually welcome talented young professionals to become new members. If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill in the application form and let us hear from you!

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